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Top 6 reasons to choose The Legendary Quest...

1) Safe Camps At TLQ Camps, our priority is caring for your child. Since the beginning Questers have set the standard for safety in outdoor camps for Texas and beyond.

2) High-Quality, Well-Trained Staff.  We cultivate experienced and mature educators coming from the highest level of professional and personal experience. All TLQ camp staff, Questers, are chosen through a thorough background check and an intensive interview process. They are expert instructors who teach authentic skills.

3) Increased Self-Confidence through Skills At TLQ Camps your child trains archery and sword, learns herbs & natural healing, learns outdoor survival, practices safe leather working skills, or develops creativity in our role-playing adventure camps. Choose our camp and choose your adventure.

4) New Friends. We are a community and family organization dedicated to collaborative learning. At The Legendary Quest, kids make new friends with similar interests. Your child becomes a member of a strong learning team while embarking on fantastic adventures.

5) Incredible Fun The Legendary Quest Realm. It is our goal to provide the highest caliber instruction and curriculum for both role-playing and traditional skill based summer camps.

6) Best Hours For Working Parents we offer flexible check-in from 7:30am-8:30am with flexible check-out from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Regular Camp Session runs from 8:30am-5pm. Base tuition makes our camps available 7:30am-5pm (a total of 9 hours). Add our affordable tuition and it is a youth’s greatest adventure and a parent’s delight.