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 The Legendary Quest: Camp
Ten extraordinary days filled with adventure, encouragement, creativity, culture, 
and etiquette . . .  everything needed to inspire a life-changing adventure! 

Creative expression is a birthright. Each and every one of us has what it takes to be 
the master of our creative destiny.
In the realm of creative prosperity we plant seeds of inspiration in our dreams. 
Then, we imagine our dreams coming to fruition. 
And finally—we believe in them. 

It is up to us to validate our beliefs and take the actions necessary to make our dreams a reality.
When we begin to fabricate our tomorrow with every action we take and every word we speak, it is then 
we will be able to invent the future of our dreams.

An adventurous expedition undertaken by aspiring musicians, artisans, storytellers, poets, 
Knights and Maidens, Lords and Ladies. Immerse in our culture with like-minded Questers for ten extraordinary days 
in pursuit (The Quest) of a life changing adventure! Click here to read more about The Quest)

In alignment with our Legendary Knights Code of Conduct and Royal Ethics the youth will learn the art of gentlemanly skills and royal etiquette, study the art of sword and bow. The Court Artisans will work with aspiring musicians, artisans, storytellers, and poets will study their craft and refine their skills.

Make Music with the Minstrels
Let the music ring and usher the presence of God!
Audition for the opportunity to play along with the musicians of the Legendary Royal Court. 
Master an original composition and perform in the King’s Royal Symphony and final night Concert!

Study with the Scribes 
Ignite your passion for storytelling
Learn how to entice your mind through visual and mental exercises to get to the core of your story and develop the genius to write it. Learn Calligraphy, Sketching, and Design Scrolls and tell your story.

Artisan Apprentices
  Indulge your creativity to craft your masterpiece
Leather Making * Jewelry * Candle Making 

Legendary Quest Role-play 
Become a Hero of the Realm
Throughout this expedition, learn how to engage challengers using LARP (Live Action Role Playing) swords and bow and arrow, ranger tracking and wilderness survival skills to discover and conquer the enemy of Realm!  So join us, Legendary Quester, in the Art of the Sword, Ranger Tracking and Wilderness Survival!

We enjoy a moment of fantasy summer time in The Legendary Quest, but lurking in dark shadows are forces that seek to change our peace.  An Age of Heroes is being summoned; your child could be one such Hero!

Practice woodland archery skills, participating in intensive stealth games with safe foam arrows and bamboo bows. The targets are large, modern foam circles with small, daring bulls-eyes. As soon as our questers master a distance the target is moved further and further… and further. Learning the art of technique and safety, hand – eye coordination and the self-confidence of hitting the mark!