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Kingdom Adventure Summer Camp

A 10 day Legendary Quest Adventure: a place of royal culture and skillful artisans and knights and fair maidens. Questers will join us in learning spiritual principles and life skills through Live Action Role Play Adventure and our Knights Chivalrous Code and 4 Year Royal Kingdom Etiquette Curriculum. 

The 2016 Quest: Tales of Elkanah and the Knights of Avigdor
Discovering our Destiny for the Kingdom of Heaven

Lords and Ladies, Knights and Maidens, Experience the Sword and Bow, Master 
Ranger Tracking and Wilderness Survival, Study with the Scribes, Mingle with the Minstrels!
 Join the Adventure of a Lifetime and become a Hero and Defend the realm!
Be a part of a dream come true!

Special Features of the Summer Camp: 
The King's Royal Ministry of Music (where youth that play instruments can try out for the King's Royal Symphony and hone their musical skills)

Artisan Workshops (Leather making and crafts, Calligraphy and Scrolls)

Royal Court (Every Quester will participate in learning Medieval Dance and Royal Court Gentlemanly skills and Maidens Regal Etiquette)!

Very Special Features of the Camp:
The Arts of Sword and Bow (with licensed and skilled trainers and film stunt choreographers)

Ranger Tracking and Wilderness Survival (with experienced trackers and survival instructors)

Spiritual Features of the Camp:
Learning our identity in Christ as a son and daughter of God (Romans 8:17), Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6), Prayer and a Lifestyle of Worship (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18), Praise (Revelatory and Prophetic expression through music, dance, and art - Psalms 22:3)  

Questers will become Heroes defending the Realm in a real-life story role play from which 2 Short Films will be produced - production is being donated by Elyon Media Group LLC to support our kid's camp projects - Dream, Imagine, Believe! These 2 Short films will be exhibited at the Annual EMA Kid's Film Festival of San Antonio!

Two Short Films will be made during Summer Camp to be submitted in the Annual EMA Kid's Film Festival of San Antonio. For more details about the Film Festival visit: www.EMAFilmFest.com

Limited spaces available


For More Information:
Call the studio: 210.473.5182

1. a long or arduous search for something. search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something: a quest for knowledge.
2. Medieval Romance. an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something:
the quest of the Holy Grail.
3. those engaged in such an expedition.

verb (used without object)
1. to search; seek (often followed by for or after): to quest after hidden treasure.
2. to go on a quest.
3. Hunting.
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Origin of Quest
1275-1325; (noun) Middle English queste < Old French < Latin quaesīta, feminine past participle of quaerere to seek; (v.) Middle English questen < Old French quester, derivative of the noun.

Related Forms Expand
quester, noun
questingly, adverb
unquested, adjective

Synonyms Expand
1. hunt, seeking, journey, mission, enterprise.